Is Splitgate Splitscreen Compatible?

Ah, the good old days of couch co-op gaming! Picture this – you and your buddies crammed onto a worn-out sofa, controllers in hand, trash-talking and fragging each other in classic split-screen shooters like Halo and Call of Duty. Those were the glory days of local multiplayer gaming.

Well, for all you nostalgic gamers out there, the burning question is – does the awesome portal shooter Splitgate let you relive those couch co-op memories?

Can you experience the same adrenaline rush of split-screen multiplayer game modes with your friends huddled around one screen?

Let’s dive in and find out if Splitgate has split-screen compatible features or if you’ll need to find creative workarounds to get that old-school local multiplayer fix.

Splitgate Split-Screen Explained

To truly appreciate the importance of split-screen capabilities, we need to take a trip down memory lane.

Back in the early days of online gaming, playing multiplayer meant squeezing together on one couch or floor, eyes glued to the shared screen.

Those priceless moments of intense competition and camaraderie, all shared on one screen, were a cornerstone of the shooter experience.

The raucous trash talk, celebratory high-fives, and impromptu living room dance parties after a hard-fought victory – that’s what made games like Halo a cultural phenomenon.

With its clear inspirations from that iconic series, it’s no surprise Splitgate fans are clamoring for the same couch co-op experience.

After all, what better way to enjoy the game’s innovative portals and frenetic action than by lived it with your friends right beside you?

Is Splitgate Split-Screen Compatible in 2023?

Is Splitgate Split-Screen Compatible in 2023

Unfortunately, as of early 2023, the developers at 1047 Games have not included split-screen as a feature in Splitgate.

This means that if you want to squad up with friends locally, you’ll need separate screens and gaming systems.

The game is constantly evolving with new updates and gameplay enhancements. So there’s still hope on the horizon for split-screen compatible multiplayer.

Let’s look at what the developers have said about potentially adding this highly-requested split-screen feature down the line:

Split-screen is definitely something we’ve gotten a ton of requests for and are strongly considering adding to the game. No firm timeline yet, but we hear the demands for local co-op loud and clear.” – Ian Proulx, CEO of 1047 Games

As you can see, split-screen is very much on the radar for Splitgate’s future.

With such clear inspirations from classic couch co-op shooters, it makes perfect sense to give players that same local multiplayer experience they know and love.

Is There a Way to Play Split-Screen or Local Multiplayer With Friends?

While you can’t natively share one screen for Splitgate just yet, there are still some creative ways to recreate that local multiplayer vibe if you have multiple gaming systems:

  1. Set up a multiplayer party in the same room: Grab some friends, congregate those gaming rigs, and squad up for some Splitgate mayhem. You may be on separate screens, but you’ll still get to experience all the thrills of local co-op – the raucous banter, victory dances, and maybe even a couch-cushion or two tossed around after an epic killstreak.
  2. Use third-party apps like Universal Split Screen: While not officially supported, these apps can split your screen across multiple monitors to mimic split-screen. Just be warned – they can be finicky to set up, and performance may suffer.
  3. Stream one player’s screen to a shared TV: Have one player’s game stream to the big screen TV, while others play on their personal monitors. The lack of split-screen might diminish the competitive spirit a tad, but it’s still a fun way to congregate and game together.

If going the local multiplayer route, I’d recommend arranging your battle-stations around one central area.

That way, you’ll still get to experience all the raw, unfiltered reactions and trash talk that makes couch co-op so memorable!

Setting Up Local Splitgate Multiplayer:

  1. Gather your crew and have everyone download/install Splitgate on their gaming systems
  2. Connect all systems to the same local network
  3. Start a multiplayer party from Splitgate’s main menu
  4. Add all friend’s gamertags/usernames to the party
  5. Pick a wacky party name (e.g. “PortalPros”, “SplitgateSquad”)
  6. Launch into a match and get ready for chaos!

Why Split-Screen Still Matters

As online gaming became the norm, couch co-op experiences faded. But even today, there’s a special magic to physically sharing a gaming session with friends that’s hard to replicate online.

The incessant trash talking, laughing at each other’s failures, impromptu living room celebrations after epic battles – split-screen breeds wild gaming memories you’ll reminisce over for years.

One Halo 2 session descended into utter chaos: After an improbable comeback win, a couch cushion fight erupted with pillows and profanities flying. We were laughing so hard my dad thought World War III started in the basement.

Two decades later, my friends and I still chuckle about the legendary “Couch Cushion War of 2005″ – the perfect example of split-screen’s unmatched, unfiltered fun you can’t get online.

Moments like those make Splitgate’s potential split-screen mode so tantalizing. Injecting more local co-op shenanigans into this innovative game could make it insanely popular.

Final Thoughts

While Splitgate may not have native split-screen compatible multiplayer just yet, the game’s fast-paced portals and clear inspirations from classics like Halo make it a prime candidate to rekindle the couch co-op glory days.

As the passionate developers at 1047 Games continue enhancing and updating the Splitgate experience, this highly-requested split-screen feature could very well be added down the line based on fan feedback.

In the meantime, be sure to try the local multiplayer workarounds like setting up a multiplayer party or using third-party apps to scratch that nostalgic itch of gaming with friends in the same room.

Who knows, with some luck and continued dialog with the awesome team at 1047 Games, we could be shouting insults at our buddies on the same split-screen again soon enough.

Because at the end of the day, as gaming evolves with powerful online experiences, there will always be a spot in our hearts for the timeless joys of couch co-op split-screen.

Those were the mayhem-filled experiences that hooked an entire generation on shooters and multiplayer to begin with. Here’s hoping Splitgate can be a innovative new vehicle for recapturing that magic.

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