All 102 Animals in Little Alchemy 2: How to Make All Animals

There’s just something incredibly satisfying about bringing animals to life in Little Alchemy 2.

This wildly popular “combination game” starts you off with a few basic elements like air, earth, and fire.

From there, it’s up to you to combine those elements in clever ways to create entirely new ones – including all 102 amazing animals.

Sure, you could go hunting for each individual animal combo, but who has time for that?

This comprehensive guide will equip you with every single “recipe” to make all the mammals, reptiles, birds, and more.

You’ll be a virtual Noah building out your own animals kingdom in no time!

Why You Should Care About Making All Animals in Little Alchemy 2

For some players, there’s an undeniable drive to complete the full set – to be a true “collector” and achieve that sweet 100% completion status. But making all 102 animals unlocks way more than just bragging rights.

Each new animal you create opens up novel combination possibilities with other elements. You could mix the elephant with the plant to grow a Baobab tree.

Or combine the mighty dragon with the night for a fell beast. The more animals at your disposal, the more potential for creative, unexpected alchemy.

Not to mention, fully exploring the animals kingdom provides invaluable insights into Little Alchemy’s mechanics.

You’ll start recognizing patterns in how elements interrelate. You’ll instinctively know what basic ingredients are needed for different fauna. Your Little Alchemy skills will level up immensely.

Starting Off: Basic Elements for Making Animals

Before we dive into the full list, let’s go over some core elements that will be endlessly combined to spawn new animals life:

Earth: The soil and land itself, a crucial component of most animal life.

Air: The gaseous atmosphere that flying and breathing creatures need.

Water: The liquid streams, lakes, and oceans where aquatic animals thrive.

Fire: The spark of life itself, but also needed for certain high-energy creatures.

You’ll quickly find that just about every animals requires some combination of those four essentials.

For instance:

  • Fish = Water + Earth
  • Bird = Air + Earth
  • Dog = Earth + Bone

With those simple formulas under your belt, you’re ready to start building out your universe of animals!

But don’t relax quite yet – as you’ll soon see, some critters require much more exotic ingredients…

All Animals in Little Alchemy 2 Codes

Here is the full, updated list of all 102 animals elements you can create in Little Alchemy 2 and exactly what elemental combos you’ll need:


AlligatorWater + Earth
AlpacaEarth + Air
ArmadilloEarth + Metal
BatAir + Night
BeaverWood + Water
CatEarth + Milk
CentaurHorse + Human
CowEarth + Grass
DogEarth + Bone
DolphinWater + Air
FoxEarth + Cunning
GorillaEarth + Banana
HamsterEarth + Seed
HedgehogEarth + Spines
HippoWater + Earth
HorseEarth + Grass
HuskyDog + Snow
KangarooEarth + Pouch
KoalaEarth + Eucalyptus
LionEarth + Pride
ManateeWater + Seagrass
MermaidHuman + Fish
MinotaurBull + Human
MonkeyEarth + Tree
MouseEarth + Cheese
NarwhalWater + Ivory
PandaBamboo + Earth
PegasusAir + Horse
Polar BearIce + Bear
PonyEarth + Grass
RabbitEarth + Carrot
RatEarth + Garbage
ReindeerEarth + Snow
RhinocerosEarth + Horn
SealWater + Ice
SheepEarth + Grass
SlothTree + Sleep
SquirrelEarth + Tree
TigerEarth + Stripes
UnicornHorse + Horn
WalrusWater + Ice
WerewolfWolf + Moon
WhaleWater + Air
WolfEarth + Moon

As you can see, many of these furry friends require some fairly intuitive combos.

But be prepared – by the time we get to reptiles and insects, things will get a whole lot weirder…

Pro Tip: While making your way through this list, take note of any cool or powerful items you create along the way.

For example, combining the legendary Unicorn with the Rainbow might birth something extraordinarily magical!

Reptiles & Amphibians

AlligatorWater + Earth
AntEarth + Fire
DinosaurEarth + Time
DragonFire + Earth
FrogWater + Earth
GeckoWall + Lizard
IguanaTree + Lizard
Komodo DragonDragon + Monster
LizardEarth + Sun
MedusaSnake + Hair
SalamanderFire + Lizard
ScorpionEarth + Poison
SnakeEarth + Skin
TurtleEarth + Shell

Told you it would start getting weird! For most of the creepy crawlies, you’ll need to employ some lateral thinking.

After all, how would you combine elements to conjure the mythical Medusa? Or a fearsome Komodo Dragon?

The reptiles kick things up a notch, but you’re an alchemist worthy of the challenge. Expect to rely more on abstract concepts and imaginative combinations as we proceed. Speaking of which…


BirdAir + Earth
ButterflyAir + Flower
ChickenEgg + Earth
CrowAir + Death
DuckWater + Earth
DucklingEgg + Water
EagleAir + Mountain
FlamingoBird + Coral
Flying FishFish + Air
HummingbirdBird + Nectar
OstrichEarth + Egg
OwlAir + Night
ParrotBird + Jungle
PeacockBird + Beauty
PenguinIce + Water
PhoenixFire + Egg
SeagullAir + Water
ToucanAir + Beak
TurkeyBird + Corn
VultureAir + Death
WoodpeckerWood + Beak

For most of the winged creatures, you’ll be layering earth, air, and egg elements together with ecological concepts.

Consider a parrot – it quite logically requires the bird plus the jungle environment.

But as always with alchemy, be prepared for some delightfully weird surprises along the way.

I mean, who would have thought combining flames and eggs could spawn the mythical Phoenix? That’s part of what makes this game endlessly fun.

Bolded Insight: While building up your bird collection, keep an eye out for any new egg varieties you create. Unique eggs could potentially unlock even rarer avian species!

Insects & Arachnids

AntEarth + Fire
BeeWood + Fire
ButterflyAir + Flower
FlyTrash + Food
LadybugBug + Plant
MothAir + Night
ScorpionEarth + Poison
SpiderAir + Silk

When it comes to the creepy-crawly critters, you’d better get comfortable with less…wholesome ingredient combinations.

Flies demand the unsavory trash and food waste. Scorpions will sting with toxic poison plus earthen husks.

But surely some of the prettiest specimens emerge from this category as well. Can you imagine a meadow at dusk without those ephemeral Butterflies? Or a summer’s night without the high-pitched symphony of crickets?

“Use this life advice from the wisest of tiny creatures: A Bee metaphorically represents how the sweetest goals in life demand tremendous work and dedication to attain.” – Simran Khurana

Fish & Marine Life

DolphinWater + Air
Electric EelWater + Electricity
Flying FishFish + Air
GoldfishWater + Gold
JellyfishWater + Air
KrakenWater + Monster
ManateeWater + Seagrass
MermaidHuman + Fish
NarwhalWater + Ivory
OctopusWater + Ink
PiranhaWater + Blood
SeahorseWater + Grass
SharkWater + Teeth
StarfishWater + Rock
StingrayWater + Electricity
SwordfishWater + Sword
WhaleWater + Air

If you’re adept at Little Alchemy, these deep-sea dwellers likely look quite familiar.

The aquatic realm draws heavily from simple water, air, and life-force (earth) components that you’ve probably combined many times.

But don’t be fooled – there are still some real head-scratchers tucked away in these marine mysteries.

I mean, how does one even begin to summon a vicious Kraken or deadly Piranha? You’ll need to get awfully creative with your combos to uncover all the treasures the oceans hold.

Mythical & Legendary Creatures

CentaurHorse + Human
DragonFire + Earth
KrakenWater + Monster
MedusaSnake + Hair
MermaidHuman + Fish
MinotaurBull + Human
PegasusAir + Horse
PhoenixFire + Egg
UnicornHorse + Horn

Ahh, the stuff of fantastical legend and lore! From the soaring majesty of Pegasus to the terrifying snake-haired visage of Medusa, these mystical beasts have captured humanity’s imagination for ages.

To craft such otherworldly fauna requires stepping fully into the metaphysical mindset of alchemy. You’ll need to meld traditionally opposing elements – the human form with the bestial, the earthly with the ethereal. Bringing such iconic creatures to life is perhaps the greatest alchemical achievement.

Advanced Animal Creation Techniques

By now, you’ve likely already started developing a keen sense for how elements interrelate and combine within Little Alchemy 2’s brilliant ecosystem.

But for those insatiable alchemists looking to reach true mastery, here are some deeper strategic principles to implement:

Combine Animals with Other Elements:

Don’t stop once you’ve spawned a new animal into existence! That badger could give rise to honey if fused with bees.

Or that stag might grant amazing horned powers when united with enchanted artifacts. Always keep experimenting by mixing your latest creations.

Recognize Elemental Patterns:

Over time, you’ll start noticing helpful patterns. For example, many flying creatures require incorporating air.

Powerful beasts often demand fire or lava. Night frequently gets added to strike fear into an animal. Keep mental notes on these patterns to accelerate your progress.

Utilize the “Encyclopedia” Hints:

If you’re really stumped on how to create a certain critter, use Little Alchemy 2’s built-in “Encyclopedia” dictionary feature.

It’ll show you a helpful clue about elements that comprise whatever you’re missing. Just don’t rely on it too much – where’s the fun in that?

Curator’s Ranks and Animal Achievements

While the sheer joy of crafting a flourishing animal kingdom is enough for some players, Little Alchemy 2 offers bonus incentives for the most dedicated zookeepers.

As you create more and more elements, you’ll progress through prestigious “Curator” ranks:

  • Initiate (0-50 elements created)
  • Novice (51-200 elements)
  • Longrunner (201-400 elements)
  • Expert (401-600 elements)
  • Master Alchemist (601+ elements)

Climbing to the higher echelons requires an extraordinary amount of work over time. In fact, only the top 0.01% of alchemists worldwide have ever reached the elusive “Master” title! Will you have what it takes?

“I’ve spent countless hours over the years building toward my Alchemical Mastery. While the journey has been long, immensely challenging, and at times frustrating – the pride of creation makes it all worth it.” – ElderOverlord32, Master Alchemist

There are also special achievements tied to spawning certain rare animals or accomplishing particular tasks.

For example, you might earn the “Animal Collector” badge for nabbing the first 25 creatures you create.

Landing the “My Pet Dragon” achievement by crafting that scaly, fire-breathing behemoth is also a coveted prize.

Whether you’re in it for prestige, achievements, or simply the thrill of creation – there’s an intriguing path of progression awaiting each and every Little Alchemy 2 player. How far will your alchemical powers take you?


How do you make an animal in Little Alchemy 2?

The core gameplay mechanic is simply dragging and dropping different element items together to combine them into new elements.

So to make any animal, you’ll need to locate the required elemental ingredients first, then drag one on top of the other.

What can you make with animals in Little Alchemy 2?

The possibilities are virtually endless! Any animal you create can potentially be combined with hundreds of other elements, objects, and concepts.

You could mix a bear with honey to make a teddy bear. A snake with an apple to create the serpent from Eden. Combining animals opens up a wild new world of inventive options.

What is the formula for animals in Little Alchemy 2?

While each specific animal has its own unique elemental “recipe,” there are some common patterns.

Most require some combination of earth, air, water and life-force items.

Others demand more imaginative fusions of abstract concepts like night, death, poison and the like. Check the master list in this guide for each creature’s formula.

How do you make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2?

To summon the legendary King of the Monsters, you’ll need to combine three fearsome elements:

Lizard + Radiation + Disaster

Unleash this towering metaphysical beast at your own risk!

What are all the things you can make with a wild animal in Little Alchemy 2?

That’s the fun – you’ll have to experiment and find out! A wild animal could potentially spawn all sorts of unexpected items when combined with different elements.

A few examples:

  • Wolf + Full Moon = Werewolf
  • Bear + Bee = Honey
  • Eagle + Lightning = Thunderbird

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and see what unique creations you can manifest through alchemy.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the quintessential roadmap to birthing all 102 amazing animals flourishing within Little Alchemy 2’s universe.

From humble woodland creatures to soaring avians to the most fantastical beasts of lore, this guide holds the keys to summoning them all into existence.

While checking off that full 102 animal list is immensely satisfying, the true magic happens in the journey itself.

So get out there and start combining, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of your alchemical mastery. Who knows what other metaphysical marvels you might accidentally spawn along the way?

The animal kingdom awaits its creator. Wield your arcane power wisely!

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