How to Evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures?

Are you an anime fan and gamer looking to build a strong team and dominate in Anime Adventures? If so, evolving the powerful character Aizen, known as Aizo in the game, is an absolute must.

This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to evolve Aizo and take advantage of his immense strength to crush your opponents.

About Aizo

About Aizo

Aizo is the in-game representation of the legendary Aizen from the beloved anime series Bleach.

As a mythical unit, he can only be obtained through summoning, making him a rare and coveted addition to any team. With Aizo on your side, you’ll have a powerful character that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Here are Aizo’s key stats and data:

Deployment Cost1,400¥
Total Cost44,800¥
Upgrade Levels8
Spawn Cap3
Tower TypeGRND
Damage TypeMagic
Attack TypeAoE (Cone) – angle: 60 -> AoE (Circle) – radius: 8 -> AoE (Circle) – radius: 10
Damage120 -> 1,600
Attack Rate8 -> 6.5
Range17 -> 20.5

As you can see, Aizo packs a serious punch, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

What You’ll Need to Evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures

Evolving Aizen (aizo anime adventures) in Anime Adventures requires a significant investment of resources, but the payoff is well worth it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Soul Candy: This valuable item can be obtained by completing levels in the Hollow World game mode or by progressing in the infinite mode.
  2. Negation Box: This crucial crafting material can be purchased from the Travelling Merchant Shop for 7,000 gems or crafted yourself using the following ingredients:
    • 3x Rainbow Star Fruit
    • 8x Red Star Fruit
    • 8x Blue Star Fruit
    • 8x Green Star Fruit
    • 8x Pink Star Fruit
    • 30x Star Fruit
    • 7,500 Gold

Gathering the necessary materials for the Negation Box can be a time-consuming process, but it’s essential for unlocking Aizo’s maximum potential.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures

Once you’ve collected the required Soul Candy and Negation Box, you’re ready to begin the evolution process.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Go to the Evolution Room and select Aizo: Navigate to the Evolution Room in the game’s lobby, and select Aizo from the list of characters.
  2. Follow the evolution procedure: The game will guide you through the specific steps required to evolve Aizo. Pay close attention and follow the prompts carefully.
  3. Input the required materials: You’ll need to input the Soul Candy and Negation Box (or its crafting ingredients) during the evolution process. All items you use will be consumed, so make sure you have enough.
  4. Receive Aizo (Betrayal) as your evolved reward: Upon successful evolution, you’ll be rewarded with the powerful Aizo (Betrayal) form, which will be added to your inventory.
  5. Equip and add Aizo (Betrayal) to your team: Finally, equip your newly evolved Aizo (Betrayal) and add him to your team to experience his incredible power on the battlefield.


To help address some common questions, here are a few FAQs about evolving Aizo in anime adventures aizo:

How do you evolve Aizo into Aizo betrayal?

To evolve Aizo (Chrysalis) into the more powerful Aizo (Betrayal) form, you must collect 72 worthy souls and achieve 2,000 kills with him. Doing so will grant you 37.5% awakening, allowing Aizo to reach his full potential.

How many worthy souls does it take to evolve Aizo’s final form?

To unlock Aizo’s final, most powerful form (aizo final anime adventures), you’ll need a total of 200 worthy souls.

Can you evolve in Anime Adventures?

Yes, evolution is a core gameplay mechanic in Anime Adventures. Many characters, including Aizo, have multiple evolution stages that unlock their true strength.

What is Aizen’s ability in Anime Adventures?

In Anime Adventures, Aizo’s abilities are likely based on his powers from the Bleach anime series. This may include potent illusion-based attacks, immense spiritual pressure, and other devastating techniques.

How many worthy souls for Aizen?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need 72 worthy souls to evolve Aizo to his Betrayal form, and 200 worthy souls for his final, most powerful evolution.

What is Aizen’s best move?

While his specific moves in Anime Adventures may vary, Aizen’s most iconic and powerful attack from the Bleach series is likely his “Kurohitsugi” (Black Coffin) technique, which encases opponents in an inescapable black energy box.

Does Aizen turn good?

In the Bleach story, Aizen starts as a villain but eventually undergoes a redemption arc of sorts, suggesting that even the most powerful and corrupt individuals can find a path towards good.

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Final Thoughts

By following this comprehensive guide, you now have all the knowledge and resources needed to evolve the mighty Aizo (anime adventure aizo) and unleash his true devastation on your foes in Anime Adventures.

While the evolution process requires significant effort and resources, the payoff of having such an incredibly powerful character on your team is well worth it.

Get ready to experience Aizo’s full potential and dominate the battlefield like never before.

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