How to make stone in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a fun crafting game where you start with basic elements like air, earth, fire and water and combine them to create more complex items. The key is experimenting with different ingredient combinations to unlock new elements, materials and tools. One essential element you’ll want to craft early on is stone.

Why Making Stone is Important in Little Alchemy

Crafting the stone element opens up new crafting possibilities and combinations in Little Alchemy. With stone, you can make metals like gold and silver, molten lava, sand, metal and other key elements to unlock hundreds of new items. It’s one of the core building blocks you’ll need to make progress in the game.

Ingredients Needed to Make Stone

Making stone requires just two basic elements – earth and water.

Earth Element: This is one of the four basic elements you begin with in Little Alchemy. You can drag it onto the crafting screen from the element bar at the bottom.

Water Element: To make water, combine air and fire. Air is another starter element. Create fire by combining air and energy or lightning.

So in summary, you’ll need the following items to make stone:

  • Air (starter element)
  • Earth (starter element)
  • Fire (combine air + energy)
  • Water (combine air + fire)

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Stone

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to make stone:

  1. Place the earth element in the middle of the crafting screen
  2. Select the water element and hover it over the earth element
  3. Watch as they combine into the new stone element!

<img src=”little-alchemy-stone-guide.png” alt=”how to make stone Little Alchemy” />

And that’s it! As you can see, making stone only takes two ingredients and three simple steps.

Crafting with the Stone Element

Once you’ve created stone, you can now combine it with other items to generate dozens of new materials, including:

  • Lava: Combine stone and fire to make hot, molten lava. Lava can also create volcanic glass.
  • Sand: Mix stone and air to produce sand. Useful for making beaches, glass and silicon.
  • Metal: Forging stone and fire makes metal. Use metal to craft wires, steel, machinery and more.
  • Gold: One of everyone’s favorites – make valuable gold by combining stone and air.

See the Little Alchemy element chart below for more items you can make with stone:

Lavastone + fire
sandstone + air
metalstone + fire
goldstone + air
siliconsand + fire
beachsand + water
glasssand + fire

The possibilities are endless once you unlock the stone element. So get mixing earth and water and start exploring all the exciting items to craft with stone!

We hope this guide covers everything you need to know to successfully make stone in Little Alchemy. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions or combinations you discover with the stone element.

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