How to Make Wild Animal in Little Alchemy 1? 2024

Crafting a Wild Animal in Little Alchemy involves a single combination: Life + Forest. This fusion unleashes a cascade of possibilities, as Wild Animals serve as a pivotal ingredient for creating numerous other elements within the game.

For those seasoned in the art of alchemy and already adept at formulating various elements, feel free to explore the details below. 

However, if you’re new to the enchanting world of Little Alchemy, scroll down for a step-by-step beginner’s guide. This guide will walk you through the foundational steps, laying the groundwork for deeper exploration in the game.

How to Make Wild Animal in Little Alchemy 1?

To conjure a Wild Animal in Little Alchemy, your alchemical journey begins with the creation of key elements such as Plant, Life, Time, Tree, Forest, and more. These foundational elements serve as the building blocks, paving the way for the synthesis of the captivating Wild Animal within the game.

1. First Make Life

First Make Life

Here’s a step-by-step guide and table summarizing the information provided:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Start with Air to get the process going.
  • Combine Air and Water to create Rain.
  • Mix Rain with Earth to form Plant.
  • In a separate area, combine Fire and Earth to generate Lava.
  • Combine Air with Lava to create Stones.
  • Mix Stones with Air to make Sand.
  • Fuse Sand and Fire to produce Glass.
  • Combine Glass with Sand to unlock the Time element.
  • Go back to Plant and combine it with Time to grow a Tree.
  • Combine two Trees to create Forest.

At this point, you should have Forest available. Continue with:

  • Mix Water and Earth again to generate Mud.
  • Combine Mud with Plant to create a Swamp.
  • Take Air and Fire to create Energy.
  • Finally, fuse Swamp and Energy to produce the crucial Life element.

Now you can create animals using the Life element!

Air + WaterRain
Rain + EarthPlant
Air + LavaStones
Stones + AirSand
Sand + FireGlass
Glass + SandTime
Plant + TimeTree
Tree + TreeForest
Water + EarthMud
Mud + PlantSwamp
Air + FireEnergy
Swamp + EnergyLife

2. Second Make Time

Based on the provided information, here’s a summary of the process to make Time, including the necessary steps to eventually create Wildlife:

Creating Time (Hourglass)

Earth + FireLava
Air + LavaStone
Air + StoneSand
Fire + SandGlass
Glass + SandTime/Hourglass

Creating Wildlife

To eventually end up with Wildlife, you first need to make a basic Animal. This requires the Forest you already made earlier when following the steps to create Life. Here’s what to do next:

  • Take the Forest and combine it with the Life element you just made to finally generate the base Animal.

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Making the Animal Wild

You have your first animal! But it is still just a normal, domesticated animal. To make it wild, you need to add the Time/Hourglass element.

3. Final Make Wild Animal

Final Make Wild Animal

Here’s a summary of the information for the final steps to make a Wild Animal in Little Alchemy:

1.Creating a Wild Animal

Animal + EnergyWild Animal

2. Final Steps to Make a Wild Animal

a. Combine the following elements to create a Wild Animal:

Plant + TimeTree
Tree + TreeForest
Forest + LifeWild Animal

b. Detailed Steps:

  • Select Plant and Time, combine them to create a new Tree element.
  • Select Tree, combine two Tree elements to create a new Forest element.
  • Select Life, combine it with Forest to create the new Wild Animal in Little Alchemy.

3. Exploring Further

Keep exploring Little Alchemy by mixing your new Wild Animal with other elements to unlock even more surprises. You’ve progressed from basic elements like Air and Water to creating Life itself. 

Life combined with Forest spawned the first tame Animal, and it turned savage when fused with Energy to become a Wild Animal. Now, your Little Alchemy universe can be teeming with exotic wildlife.

Final Thoughts on Making Wild Animals

Crafting wild beasts is thrilling in this creativity sandbox game. It grants a rush of power to populate a tiny world completely from imagination. Combining elements gives you building blocks for creation itself.

This guide showed step-by-step how to bridge the gap from inert elements like Air and Lava to ending up with a self-sufficient ecosystem containing untamed Wildlife. Follow along making Swamps and Sand until you get Forest. Mix that Forest with hand-made Life itself to generate natural Animal life. Then imbue those organisms with Energy to make them wild, savage and free!

Little Alchemy taps into pure imagination. By internalizing combinations, more combinations become possible. New elemental building blocks stack atop old ones in a ladder of creation. From blank space you design forests, deserts and oceans. In those environments you release wildlife to graze, hunt and roam. As ecosystems emerge from raw materials, it feels like conjuring life with magic.

So explore, experiment and most of all enjoy the journey! Making Wild Animals is just the start of infinite alchemical possibilities in Little Alchemy. Keep searching to discover which crazy combo you craft next.

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