The 9 Tallest Quarterbacks In The NFL (2024)

Towering over the competition at 6’5” or taller, this new breed of lofty NFL quarterbacks are using their imposing statures to take professional football by storm.

As we enter the 2024 season, let’s get to know the 9 tallest signal callers who are leaving their giant mark on the game.

Tallest QBs in the NFL

Justin Herbert6’6”Los Angeles Chargers
Tanner McKee6’6”Philadelphia Eagles
Trevor Lawrence6’6″Jacksonville Jaguars
Josh Allen6’5”Buffalo Bills
Kyle Trask6’5″Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mason Rudolph6’5”Pittsburgh Steelers
Blaine Gabbert6’5”Kansas City Chiefs
Daniel Jones6’5”New York Giants
Mike White6’5″Miami Dolphins

While the average height for a NFL quarterback is just over 6’2”, these towering field generals demonstrate that extra vertical measurement can be a tremendous asset.

Justin Herbert – The 6’6” Rookie Sensation

As the Los Angeles Chargers QB, Justin Herbert has rapidly become one of most dynamic young NFL quarterbacks.

With superior arm talent and shocking poise for his age, Herbert wasted no time setting rookie records, making Pro Bowls, and putting his stamp on the league since being drafted 6th overall in 2020.

  • Key Stats and Awards:
    • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year 2020
    • NFL passing touchdowns rookie record
    • 2X Pro Bowler

Standing tall at 6’6”, Herbert seamlessly blends size, pinpoint accuracy, and athletic fluidity to unlock offensive firepower.

His rare set of physical gifts and intangibles point to perhaps a decade-plus of elite production.

Tanner McKee – The 6’6” Precision Passer

Tanner McKee - The 6’6” Precision Passer

Tanner McKee established himself as a precocious talent during his time orchestrating Stanford’s offense.

Renowned for technical passing skills and next-level football aptitude, McKee brings an impressive college resume to the Philadelphia Eagles after being drafted in the 2023 6th round.

  • Key Collegiate Highlights:
    • 68% career completion percentage
    • Excellent touchdown-to-interception ratio
    • Showcased poise against ranked opponents

Now McKee looks to leverage his 6’6” frame and mastery of offensive systems to rapidly ascend the Eagles’ depth chart. Keep an eye on this towering young technician.

Trevor Lawrence – The Generational Talent Rising in Jacksonville

As the first overall pick in 2021 and one of the most hyped quarterback prospects ever, Trevor Lawrence carries mountainous expectations.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are banking their future on the 6’6” passing prodigy realizing his sky-high potential.

  • Career Accolades:
    • National Champion at Clemson
    • Heisman Trophy finalist
    • #1 overall draft pick

Despite early NFL growing pains, Lawrence already displays special arm talent and leadership skills.

With further development, Lawrence could soon emulate Draft Class of ‘83 icons like Elway, Marino, and Kelly. This towering franchise QB has all the tools to leave a lasting imprint on the sport.

Josh Allen – The Dynamic Dual Threat in Buffalo

Josh Allen strikes an imposing figure at 6’5”, but also boasts speed and nimble footwork belying his large frame.

Since the Buffalo Bills drafted Allen 7th overall in 2018, he has evolved into a new-age prototype who can devastate defenses with both his bazooka throwing arm and legs.

  • Key Achievements:
    • NFL passing touchdowns single season record
    • 2X Pro Bowler
    • Franchise record for career rushing yards by a QB

Allen is now firmly entrenched as one of the NFL’s upper echelon quarterbacks. Opponents beware when facing this towering athletic phenom at the peak of his powers.

Kyle Trask – The Bucs QB Prospect With Prowess

As a 6’5” pocket passer who led the NCAA in TD throws, Kyle Trask entered the league boasting legitimate NFL credentials.

Though still backing up Tom Brady, Trask falling to Tampa Bay in the 2021 2nd round appears an absolute steal.

  • Standout Collegiate Numbers:
    • 43 passing touchdowns in final season at Florida
    • Heisman Trophy finalist
    • 69.7% career completion percentage

Trask may possess limited mobility, but his towering height provides excellent field vision and he excels dissecting defenses.

Once Brady retires, expect this talented signal caller to thrive directing Tampa’s loaded offense.

Mason Rudolph – An Ascending Backup in Pittsburgh

Mason Rudolph - An Ascending Backup in Pittsburgh

At 6’5”, Mason Rudolph stands out on the Steelers’ sideline biding his time behind acclaimed starter Kenny Pickett.

After a record-shattering college career at Oklahoma State, Rudolph has gradually refined his game for NFL success.

  • Key Collegiate Numbers:
    • 13,175 career passing yards and 92 TDs
    • Oklahoma State all-time passing leader

Rudolph has shown increasing capability when pressed into action, leveraging his prototypical size and arm talent.

Whether starting or supporting, this towering Steelers quarterback remains an essential roster component.

Blaine Gabbert – A Journeyman Known for Versatility

Blaine Gabbert has roamed the league since being drafted 10th overall in 2011, making stops in Jacksonville, San Francisco, Arizona, Tennessee, and Tampa Bay.

Now backing up MVP Patrick Mahomes on the Kansas City Chiefs, Gabbert supplies security via his wealth of experience.

Despite some early career tribulations when pressed into action, Gabbert has gradually carved a niche as a serviceable spot-starter and high-end backup, with his imposing 6’5” frame belying impressive mobility.

Every NFL team would welcome a battle-tested veteran boasting Gabbert’s combination of height and athletic versatility.

Daniel Jones – Showing Promise in the Big Apple

The pressure of stepping in as Eli Manning’s successor for the New York Giants cannot be understated.

But Daniel Jones has shown increasing capability directing their offense since being drafted 6th overall in 2019 out of Duke University.

  • Key Qualities:
    • Good arm strength and mechanics
    • Improving decision making
    • Mobility to evade pressure

At 6’5”, Jones towers over most defenders, using his height as an asset for surveying the field while also flashing underrated speed when plays break down.

If Jones continues on his current trajectory, he can cement himself as the Giants long sought-after franchise quarterback.

Mike White – Turning Heads Across the League

You likely didn’t know much about journeyman Mike White before his legendary starting debut for the New York Jets, shredding the Bengals’ highly-touted defense last season.

Now on the Miami Dolphins, White’s live arm and competitive fire at 6’5” offer intriguing upside.

Though only a 2018 5th round pick, White seems to finally be hitting his stride, making waves whenever thrust into the spotlight.

With further refinement, his prototypical physical tools could make White a full-time NFL starter sooner than later.

Final Thoughts

This impressive collection of towering quarterbacks provides a snapshot of the position’s future.

Superior size is becoming increasingly critical, with today’s elite NFL offenses demanding strong-armed and quick-thinking field generals who can see over the defense.

Players like Justin Herbert and Josh Allen demonstrate how integrating imposing height with total athleticism can completely redefine what’s achievable at quarterback.

As football evolves, so too must player prototypes. Expect these NFL giants to be the new normal under center rather than outliers.

So keep eyes glued on both the game’s present and future to witness the continued stratospheric rise of tall quarterbacking supremacy.

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