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Sailing the high seas in search of adventure, treasure, and glory.

The massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) Grand Piece Online brings the world of the popular manga and anime One Piece to life in an expansive virtual world perfect for exploration and excitement.

Our guide will help you navigate the oceans and islands as you embark on your epic quest.

Grand Piece Online Maps (GPO Maps) – Welcome Players to the World

Developed by Grand Productions, Grand Piece Online contains two distinct seas and regions for players to explore – the First Sea known as the Sea of Phoeyu, and the more dangerous Second Sea dubbed the New World.

Each area features islands ranging from starting zones for newbie sailors to extremely challenging endgame zones that will test the mettle of even hardened pirate crews.

This guide provides detailed maps and information on the islands and locations found throughout the Grand Piece Online game world.

We’ll uncover the best islands for grinding and questing based on level, key items and drops that can be purchased or discovered on each island, and answers to frequently asked questions from players.

Let our maps and sea charts set you on the course for success!

Grand Piece Online Map Starting Locations – Where the Journey Begins

All players begin their journey in GPO by choosing a starting location to begin the game. Here are the first islands new players on the seas should prioritize exploring:

  • Town of Beginnings (any level): Perfect for new players. Purchase critical starter items like cannon balls, shovels, pistols, rowboats, potions and more. Battle the Bandit Boss for useful drops.
  • Marine Fort F-1 (any level): No purchases available but still offers good early game grinding against low level Marine NPCs.

Once you build up some early funds and experience points from those starting islands, you’ll be ready to set sail for greater challenges.

First Sea Map (Sea of Phoeyu) – Exploring the Vast Oceans

First Sea Map (Sea of Phoeyu) - Exploring the Vast Oceans

The First Sea in Grand Piece Online contains a wide variety of islands for players of all levels to adventure through.

Here are some of the must-visit destinations in the First Sea mapped out by recommended level:

Island NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Arlong Park70+Kiribachi (5%)
Skypiea105+Kenbunshoku Haki, Potions
Fishman Island190+Fishman Karate
Sea Serpent200+Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer’s Armor Set (1%)
  • Arlong Park: Battle fearsome mermen pirates and their boss Arlong for chances at rare sword drops
  • Skypiea: Explore this magical floating island in the sky by riding a Knock-Up Stream waterspout
  • Fishman Island: Gather valuable Fishman Karate fighting style manuals from merfolk masters
  • Sea Serpent Island: Slay the massive wandering Sea Serpents for armor sets and other loot

And those are just a few of the many islands available for exploration in Grand Piece Online’s First Sea! Choose your own course and see what surprises await.

Second Sea Map (New World) – Venturing Into More Dangerous Waters

Once players hit level 700, an entire new ocean of challenges opens up in the Second Sea, also called the New World by GPO gamers.

Island NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Colosseum of ArcAny
Desert Island325+Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo FoodKingdom Guard Outfit (20%), Cho’s Crown (5%), Crab Cutlass (1%), Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%), Golden Hook (5%)
Rough Waters325+
Rovo IslandAny
Sashi Island325+2 Sword StyleMusashi’s Hate (5 attempts), Musashi’s Rose Katana (5 attempts), Musashi’s Crimson Katana (5 attempts), Musashi’s Karuta (5 attempts)
Spirit IslandAnyBusoshoku V2

Recommended player level starts at 300+ for the following extremely dangerous but rewarding islands:

  • Desert Island: Battle through harsh sandy environments and discover the palace of Pharaoh Akshan which drops rare capes and blades for those strong enough to defeat him.
  • Rough Waters: Sail these stormy seas to take on hulking Sea Beasts like Krakens with crews to collect epic loot.
  • Sashi Island: Seek out the legendary swordsman Musashi in his remote island dojo and defeat him for chances at his powerful signature weapons.

While the Second Sea certainly amps up the difficulty, it also offers some of the most coveted treasures and gear to find in GPO. Build up your skills in the First Sea before attempting to conquer it though!

Skypiea Map (Land of the Sky) – A Hidden Paradise

One of the most famous islands in all of Grand Piece Online, Skypiea presents players with the incredible challenge of sailing up to a rare floating island high in the sky using the waterspout power of the Knock-Up Stream.

Known as the Land of the Sky, anyone brave enough to survive the voyage to Skypiea will discover sun-drenched beaches, dense jungles filled with unique wildlife creatures, and cloud-plumed mountains to explore.

Location NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Golden City155+Kenbunshoku HakiGolden Staff (5%), Tomoe Drums (1%)
Heaven’s GateAny
Malcom’s Lair145+Shotgun (5%)
Sky Castle110+Guardian’s Helmet (5%), Skyblue Katana (5%)
Sky Town District 1AnyLand of the Sky Eternal Pose, Potions
Sky Town District 2105+
Sky Town District 3135+
The Tree125+Skypiean Glide AbilityBurn Bazook (5%)

Popular grinding spots in Skypiea mapped by recommended level include:

  • Heaven’s Gate (any level): Low level beach areas perfect to gain first experience here. Watch out for sudden riptides!
  • Sky Castle (level 110+): Scale the peaks of Skypiea and defeat angelic warrior guardians protecting this ancient castle to get your hands on their wings and halos.
  • Malcom’s Lair (level 145+): Locate the mythical Sky Island pirate Malcom and plunder his mountain lair for chances at his golden shotgun.

And while good luck finding it, legends speak of a City of Gold hidden somewhere on Skypiea, likely filled with advanced weapons and gear for those lucky enough to uncover its location!

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With a game world as massive as Grand Piece Online, players naturally have lots of questions. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked:

At what level can you go to Second Sea GPO?

Players must reach level 700 before gaining access through Reverse Mountain to the second sea.

Where are the rough waters located in GPO sea 1?

Sail east from the Transylvania area to locate the Rough Waters with roaming Sea Beasts.

Where is Sky Island located?

Sky Island, also known as Skypiea, is located in a cloud-filled corner of the northeast First Sea, accessible via Knock-Up Stream.

Where to find sphinx island gpo?

Sphinx Island is located east of Baratie Island, which can be accessed by sky walking from Orange Town.

How to get to Roca island from skypiea?

Roca Island can be reached by sailing east from Shells Town after departing Skypiea.

How to get to gravito fort gpo?

Gravito Fort can be accessed by sailing northeast of Arlong Park once you reach level 175 in Grand Piece Online.

Where is the shells town in GPO?

Shells Town has no spawn point and the nearest one is in Sandora in Grand Piece Online.

How to get to Baratie from shells town?

From Shells Town, players can sky walk to Baratie Island with 450 stamina in Grand Piece Online.

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