How To Make Evil In Little Alchemy 2? (2024)

Little Alchemy 2 has become an international phenomenon, captivating mobile gamers with its simple yet addictive gameplay of combining elements to create wondrous new things.

Starting with the basic building blocks of fire, water, air and earth, players can unlock over 500 items through experimentation and alchemy.

One particularly intriguing new addition is the elusive Evil element, introduced in the myths and monsters expansion pack. Unleashing one’s inner dark side opens up an entirely new dimension of mystical and mischievous crafting potential.

This step-by-step guide will elaborate on everything you need to know about accessing and utilizing Evil in Little Alchemy 2 for Android and iOS.

A Brief History of Little Alchemy

Released in 2021 by Recloak Games, Little Alchemy 2 built on the viral success of the original browser-based Little Alchemy with enhanced features for touchscreen mobile. It quickly captured the imaginations of millions worldwide.

The premise seems simple – drag and drop elements to combine them into new surprising objects and living things.

Starting with the classical building blocks, players advance from making basic items like wood, stone or smoke all the way to skyscrapers, tsunamis, rockets ships or even the internet.

Part of the appeal lies in the sense of exploration and discovery of over 500 new items. Hints guide you to think creatively in merging more complex combinations.

It’s an open sandbox stimulating imagination and problem solving with elements of science, nature and mythology. Now with the Myths and Monsters DLC, things take an even more chaotic turn.

Overview on Accessing Evil

While Little Alchemy 2’s core game is free to download, unlocking the tantalizing Evil element requires purchasing the premium additional content Myths and Monsters pack for $2.99.

Let’s clarify some key facts around accessing pure Evil energy in your alchemical environ:

  • Myths and Monsters DLC developed exclusively for Little Alchemy 2 mobile
  • In-app purchase of $2.99 to download (one time fee)
  • Must be 18+ to complete purchase
  • Main combo to synthesize Evil = Human + Pandora’s Box
  • Unlocks 100+ new elements like vampires, werewolves, etc.

Step-By-Step Method to Unlock Evil

Step-By-Step Method to Unlock Evil

Follow these simple steps to unleash mythical mischief in your Little Alchemy 2 crafting:

Step 1: Download Little Alchemy 2 Mobile

Since the special expansion pack is only available on the mobile editions, first install Little Alchemy 2 from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Upon opening the app, charming piano music greets you as the signature play button hovers over an alchemist’s desk – time to get crafting.

Step 2: Tap Play Button

Tap the large purple play button to enter the main game screen containing your library of collected elements and combine history.

Starting elements like fire, earth, wind and air float above the mixing table. Drag and drop elements together to attempt fusion into new matter.

Step 3: Locate Store

On the bottom toolbar of the game screen locates the store button (bag icon). Tap this to bring up the shop catalog.

Scrolling down reveals a variety of DLC packs available that enable rare and exclusive elements only through in-app purchase. This includes the Myths and Monsters content pack.

Step 4: Install Myths & Monsters

Tapping the intriguing Myths & Monsters thumbnail displays details around this magical DLC. Priced at $2.99, it adds over 100 enchanting elements drawing from legends around vampires, werewolves, goblins and more.

Make the one-time purchase, check the box to verify you meet the 18+ age requirement and restart the app. The new fantasy ingredients will automatically populate in your element inventory, including the coveted Evil element.

Crafting with Evil Energy

With great power comes great responsibility! Successfully harnessing volatile Evil essence unlocks crafting potential for both good and chaos.

Malicious Mixtures

Corrupt creation with these disruptive Evil amalgamations:

  • Evil + Fruit/Fruit Tree = Apple of Discord: Caused Trojan War chaos
  • Evil + Magic = Curse: Inflict misfortune and misery
  • Evil + House = Hell: Underworld of eternal damnation
  • Evil + Santa = Krampus: Demonic anti-Claus figure
  • Evil + Wizard/Witch = Necromancer: Controlling the dead

Mythical Monsters

Give life through vile vitality by spawning scary supernatural beasts:

  • Evil + Immortality/Deity/Angel = Demon: Violent malevolent spirits
  • Evil + Faerie = Goblin: Mischevious tiny terrors
  • Evil + Dog/Wolf/Animal = Hellhound: Supernatural canine hunters
  • Evil + Corpse = Jiangshi: Hopping reanimated Chinese zombies
  • Evil + Elf = Orc: Brutish warring race from Tolkien lore

Instruments of Evil

Catalyze calamity with these tools of terror:

  • Evil + Box = Pandora’s Box: Unleashed torment across humanity
  • Evil + Sandman = Mara: Causes disturbing dreams
  • Evil + Container = Pandora’s Box again.

And many more unpredictable results across over 50 combinations! What else might the essence of Evil hold? Unleash your inner dark creativity.

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Final Thoughts

In closing, while the classic Little Alchemy 2 offers hours of carefree elemental crafting, the Myths and Monsters DLC injects epic legendary action introducing heroes, villains, monsters and chaos magic.

Mastering the volatile primordial Evil element enables you to stitch together scenes of supernatural stories while taking your alchemy skills to thrilling new content heights.

We hope our guide has cleared up any questions around accessing Evil within mobile Little Alchemy 2 through the Mythic Monsters premium downloadable extra content.

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