How to Make Livestock in Little Alchemy 2?

Making livestock in Little Alchemy 2 is an essential combo to unlock early on in your alchemy journey.

This popular game lets you combine different elements to create hundreds of weird, fun and useful things.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you step-by-step instructions on how to make livestock and what you can create with it after.

Why Make Livestock in Little Alchemy 2?

Before we dive into the combinations, let’s look at why livestock can be an important element to mix. Some key benefits include:

  • Unlocks other animals: Livestock combinations make cows, horses, pigs, and sheep which unlock further animal creations.
  • Create tools: Mixing livestock with other industrial elements generates machinery like plows to improve your creative efficiency.
  • Builds resources: Butchering livestock produces meat, an important element for complex recipes down the road.
  • Enables recipes: Meat, milk, hay and other outputs help activate future combinations.

So in summary – livestock functions as a key bridge between basic natural elements and more advanced societal creations.

It sits in the middle of the tech tree and opens up options on both sides once made. Next let’s learn the exact elements and process to produce it.

Necessary Elements to Make Livestock in Little Alchemy 2

There are four core element combinations to make livestock in this game:

  • Animal + barn: Represents domesticated creatures kept together in an agricultural building or enclosure. This structure distinguishes livestock from wild animals.
  • Animal + domestication: The process of taming wild beasts into dependent farm creatures through successive breeding.
  • Animal + farmer: A person to care, feed, raise and harvest the kept animals. The farmer personality separates livestock from uncultivated wildlife.
  • Animal + field: Fenced grassland areas for concentrated animal grazing and containment. Provides sustenance and control.

As you can see the main factors are: containment, human cultivation and provision of food sources to breed dependent stock animals generationally.

Now let’s dive into the step-by-step walkthrough:

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Make Livestock in Little Alchemy 2

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Make Livestock in Little Alchemy 2

Follow these 13 elemental combination steps to create livestock from scratch:

  1. Start with the base elements of fire and earth
  2. Combine fire + fire to create energy
  3. Allow energy to act on earth to generate primordial soup
  4. Mix earth + earth to create land
  5. Add primordial soup + land to make life organisms
  6. Allow life creatures to roam on land freely, becoming animals
  7. Make a field enclosure by combining earth + plow
  8. Forge plow faster by mixing stone + stone to get metal, then add metal to earth
  9. Introduce your roaming animal into the bounded field area to create domesticated livestock! 🐄

Some tips to accelerate livestock creation:

  • Enable secret cheats to spawn life immediately as a base element
  • Create stone quicker by mixing fire + air earlier in the process

That’s it – by breeding animals in a controlled space, you now have made livestock through elemental merging.

What You Can Make From Livestock in Little Alchemy 2

Your new livestock can be combined further to unlock other elements like:

Combine Livestock WithCreates
Bird + HorseChicken
Christmas TreeReindeer

Get creative and see what interesting new elements you invent!

Advanced Livestock Creation Tips and Tricks

Looking to master livestock generation and become an alchemy wizard? Here are some advanced expert tips:

  • Make cow + horse to breed a mule for farming efficiency
  • Mix cow + whip = milk to make dairy
  • Combine pig + mud to quickly spawn boars
  • Adding tool to milk produces cheese
  • Butcher reindeer + elf = ** toys**

Feel free to share any special combos you discover!

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Final Thoughts

We hope this expanded guide gave you an in-depth walkthrough on how to make livestock in Little Alchemy 2.

Bringing animals into a controlled field enclosure domesticates them into harvestable stock you can use for later combinations to unlock even more elements.

If you enjoyed learning about all the wacky and creative mixtures in this game, be sure to check our other in-depth Little Alchemy 2 cheat guides.

What cool new elements have you created from livestock or other special combos? Share your alchemy tips, tricks and invention stories with us below.

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