How To Make Container In Little Alchemy 2? (2024)

Are you eager to unlock the secrets of crafting containers in the beloved game Little Alchemy 2? Eager alchemist Tony here to guide you on this magical alchemy adventure through logical experiments to create vessels for containing liquids, gases or materials.

This step-by-step walkthrough reveals multiple methods for making containers from scratch using basic elements. Soon you’ll be filling jars, boxes and bottles galore!

Basic Elements Needed for Crafting Containers

Key base ingredients for container mixings in Little Alchemy 2 include:

  • Metal – For sturdy vessels like steel drums or pots
  • Liquid/Gas – To hold substances inside the containers
  • Glass/Paper – For more fragile holders like bottles

With these elemental building blocks, let’s imbue materials with containment powers!

Method 1: Fuse Metal and Glass for Containers

Our first technique for crafting containers uses classic materials:

  • Start by making glass – combine sand and heat or sand and fire
  • Then mix sturdy metal into the glass

This simulates an industrial process of molding liquid glass with metal parts to form storage vessels.

After some dramatic swirling fusions, you may unlock items like bottles, drinking glasses, jars or decorative boxes to hold small materials.

“With the power of metal and glass, I’m bottling skyscapes and emotions in Little Alchemy 2!” exclaims player Jada.

Method 2: Mix Metal and Liquids

For containers that specifically store liquids, try:

  • Create any liquid – like oil, water, alcohol or milk
  • Mix with strong metal base

This could form items like oil drums, cans, buckets or water tanks – steel vessels purpose-built for fluids!

Pro Tip: Milk is a quick liquid to make by combining cow and farmer or grass and cow! Then fuse with metal for milk truck or churn. Churn enough and I’ll have butter for my next alchemy experiments!

Method 3: Soak Paper-Based Containers

My favorite unexpected container combos involve paper. Stuff an old newspaper with goodies by:

  • Making paper from wood and cotton
  • Adding liquid to swell and shape the paper – water, juice, mud

The paper soaks up the liquid to become papier-mâché – unlocking pinatas, bags, cardboard boxes and more neat containers!

Surprise Containers from Creative Combos

Beyond the core methods above, creative alchemists have crafted all sorts of containers through unpredictable fusion sparks:

  • Wood + Fabric – Backpack to lug your potions
  • Energy + Glass – Mason jar to store captured lightning!
  • Smoke + Cotton – Billowing cloth sack
  • Lava + Metal – Molten crucible forged in fire

Keep trying wacky mixes until you chance upon that satisfying “New Element Discovered!” banner. That’s the alchemy rush I play for!

Tips for Unlocking More Containers

Stuck on finding more vessel vessels? Apply these Little Alchemy 2 hints:

  • Rethink elements with containment logic – what could logically hold things?
  • Test old items in new combinations
  • Mash random elements and enjoy the surprises!

Most of all, revel in the journey of endlessly mixing ingredients for “aha!” moments. Now get alchemizing!

I’m Tony the Alchemy Wizard signing off – until next time, happy concocting to all potion pioneers out there! May your containers bubble over with magic and wonder 🙂

All Methods Of Making Container In Little Alchemy 2

All Methods Of Making Container In Little Alchemy 2

We’ve covered the primary techniques of fusing metals, glass or paper plus liquids to craft containers – an essential vessel for storing your arcane artifacts or powerful potions.

But ingenious players keep discovering ever more recipes! Let’s explore additional combos for unlocking containers:

Using Energy

Zapping ingredients with energy can imbue containment powers:

  • Energy + Glass – Mason jar to trap lightning
  • Energy + Metal – Battery to hold electric charge
  • Energy + Steam – Pressure cooker picking up steam!

Trying Fabric

Weave containers out of threads using:

  • Fabric + Wood – Backpack to lug all your witchy wares
  • Fabric + Cotton – Cloth sack tied with string
  • Fabric + Lava – Heat-proof mitts to handle hot caldrons

Hardening Materials

Solidifying liquid or gaseous content yields vessels:

  • Lava + Water – Hardened volcanic rock forms crude bowl
  • Cloud + Pressure – Squeezing vapor tight creates container
  • Smoke + Water – Mixing the two leaves residue you can mold

Keep pushing the boundaries of imagined possibilities! Now put those new containers to use housing homunculi or harvesting dream seeds in your ongoing Little Alchemy adventures!

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