How To Make Cloud In Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a popular crafting game where you start with basic elements like air, water, fire, and earth and combine them to create new objects. One of the early combinations you can make is Cloud, which then sets you up to craft more complex items like Rain and Storm. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how to make a cloud in Little Alchemy from scratch.

What You’ll Need To Make a Cloud

The two key elements you need to make a Cloud in Little Alchemy are:

  • Air – The basic air element available from the start
  • Water – The basic water element also available initially

With just Air and Water, you have all you need to produce your first cloud. So let’s jump into the step-by-step process!

Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Cloud

Here is exactly how to combine air and water to make a cloud in Little Alchemy:

  1. On the blank crafting board, select the Air element in the top menu
  2. Drag Air over to the board to create your starting element
  3. Open the menu again and choose the Water element
  4. Drag the Water element over to combine it with Air
  5. The two elements interact and start swirling together
  6. After a few seconds, they produce your new Cloud element!

And that’s all it takes to unlock clouds in Little Alchemy! Combining Air + Water produces this basic weather element that then sets you up for lots of future crafting fun.

What You Can Create with Clouds

What You Can Create with Clouds

Now that you’ve made a cloud, you can start using it to unlock other objects like:

  • Rain – Combine cloud and air
  • Sky – Combine air and cloud
  • Storm – Combine cloud and electricity
  • Weather – Combine air and water again
  • Planet – Combine sky and land

As you can see, that initial cloud element is very useful for so many combinations! And we’ve only listed a few examples here – there are many more cloud recipes to discover.

Alternative Combinations for Making Clouds

While air and water make up the core method, there are a couple alternative combinations that can also produce clouds in Little Alchemy:

  • Air and Steam – Mixing the gaseous elements
  • Fire and air – Adds heat to the atmosphere

However, we recommend starting with good old air and water as the quickest way to your first Little Alchemy clouds.

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Recap: Making Clouds for Beginners

Making Clouds for Beginners

So in summary, here is the key takeaway:

To make cloud in Little Alchemy:

  1. Select Air and place it on your crafting board
  2. Add the Water element to the board
  3. Combine Air and Water together
  4. A Cloud will form from the interaction!

Enjoy crafting your first clouds and exploring all the exciting items you can now create using this new element! Let your imagination run wild in Little Alchemy.

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