How to Make Soil in Little Alchemy 1? 2024

Have you tried mixing every combination imaginable but still can’t figure out how to make soil in the popular game Little Alchemy?

You’re not alone! Crafting soil is one of the most frequently searched for items for fans of this entertaining app. Unfortunately, soil itself is unavailable within the original Little Alchemy game.

But don’t worry – you can build comparable elemental items like clay and mud instead.

Keep reading to understand why soil is missing from the first version and to discover the best replacement element recipes to mix up.

Soil Cannot Be Created in Little Alchemy 1

The original Little Alchemy game does not contain soil as a mixable elemental item. This versatile game only includes the basics like air, earth, fire and water to start. Combinations must be discovered from those 4 foundations.

In contrast, the sequel Little Alchemy 2 expanded the world significantly by adding soil as a craftable element. Over 600 new items can be whipped up with the improved combinations available.

Since soil can’t be produced within the limitations of the opening Little Alchemy, replacement elements like clay serve as suitable alternatives with an earthy texture and brown color when concocted.

Crafting Clay Closely Mimics Soil Properties

Out of all the elements that can be created in the classic Little Alchemy, clay stacks up as the closest match to soil’s sandy, muddy qualities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to whipping up this pretty decent soil stand-in:

  1. Start by dragging ‘air’ over ‘earth’ to generate ‘dust’
  2. Next, combine ‘water’ with ‘earth’ to produce ‘mud’
  3. Drag ‘fire’ onto ‘earth’ to create ‘lava’
  4. Let lava cool by adding ‘air’ and form ‘stone’
  5. Crush ‘stone’ with more ‘air’ flows to yield ‘sand’
  6. Finally, mix together ‘mud’ and ‘sand’ for the end result of moldable clay!

With a bit of creativity, clay can stand in for soil’s attributes of muddy textures, brownish color and ability to hold form. Test it out by crafting other items with clay as the base.

Extra Element Recipes with Similar Properties

If you just can’t replicate soil well enough with clay, try out these other element options accessible in classic Little Alchemy:

  • Mud – Made by combining ‘earth’ and ‘water’, mud captures the damp, dirt-like essence of soil well. Feel free to experiment!
  • Sand – While finer grained than soil, sand offers a gritty, brown material to use in mixes. Concoct it by adding ‘air’ to ‘stone’.
  • Lava – Red hot lava cools into hardened ground, mirroring the formation process of some volcanic soils. Adding ‘air’ to lava produces regular stone.

Each of these provide ingredients captures some qualities reminiscent of soil.

Playing around with combinations utilizing them instead sparks creativity! Can’t figure out a special combination? Check available Little Alchemy 1 cheats guides for hints.

Clay is Crucial for Advancing to More Complex Elements

An added bonus element from having access to moldable clay in Little Alchemy is the ability to craft vastly more items with it.

Clay serves as the base for other complex creations like brick, porcelain, terracotta, glass or cement – making possible near endlessly inventive element crafting.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t get down just because the coveted soil element can’t be conjured up in the original Little Alchemy app.

Turn instead to the closest cousin elements detailed here like clay, mud or sand to mix up earthen brown textures for the game.

Be sure to experiment with clay as an earthy base element substitute to advance crafting into glass, cement and beyond.

Mix, match and have fun bringing as many new elements into existence as you can dream up with the amazing classic Little Alchemy!

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