how to make armor in little alchemy 2

Have you ever played the popular browser game Little Alchemy 2 and struggled to create sturdy armor to protect yourself against oncoming attacks? While crafting armor can seem complicated, this guide will break down the essential ingredients and steps. Read on to learn the secrets to forging ironclad equipment in Little Alchemy 2.

Understanding Armor in Little Alchemy 2

Armor is a crucial defensive covering that boosts your chances of emerging from battle unscathed. The various types offer different benefits:

  • Light armor sacrifices protection for greater mobility
  • Heavy armor maximizes defense but limits speed
  • Magical armor provides enhanced effects

Crafting an effective armor set requires strategically combining ingredients like metal, brick, wall and earth. Assembling the proper elements results in protective gear that keeps your hero safe while fending off threats.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Craft Armor

Follow these key combinations for crafting basic and upgraded armor:

earth + fire = metalmetal
fire + metal = steelsteel
metal + wall = armorbasic armor
steel + armor = steel armorreinforced armor

As shown in the table above, the essential steps are:

  1. Combine earth and fire to produce metal
  2. Mix metal and fire to get steel
  3. Blend metal and wall to forge basic armor
  4. Unite steel and armor to form reinforced steel armor

By substituting related elements, you can produce a wide variety of armor types:

Creative combinations allow for crafting specialty armor with powerful effects:

  • armor + life = magical armor – regenerates lost health over time
  • armor + clock = time armor – temporarily slows enemies

Forging Optimal Protective Covering

Forging Optimal Protective Covering in alchemy

When equipping a character, deciding between speed, defense and added abilities involves weighing tradeoffs:

“To wear armor comfortably and move quickly, first learn the weight by wearing it,” suggests free combat instructor Casey Ironheart. “Heavy protection hinders; light armor enables. Seek the ideal balance of mobility plus defense.”

Samurai Armor shines when chasing down ranged foes, while Knight’s Armor holds strong in the heart of large-scale battles. Adamantine Armor provides the ultimate protection by nullifying critical hits.

Use ingredient substitutions to customize lighter metals and materials for your hero’s needs. A spearman harassing opponents benefits more from Chain Mail offering unencumbered movement rather than bulky Plate Mail which excels at soaking frontal damage.

By mixing and matching elements for armor, you too can equip warriors appropriately to emerge victorious!


Crafting formidable armor requires blending the right elemental ingredients in Little Alchemy 2. Use the combinations outlined to produce metal, steel, basic armor and steel armor. Additionally, explore creative mixtures for specialized gear with advantages like health regeneration or enemy slowing effects. Arm yourself with this knowledge to outfit heroes for the battles ahead!

Now that you can forge epic armor, expand your skills by learning how to make weapons, potions and other essential items. Or simply let imagination guide your hands to discover new combinations. The alchemical journey awaits!

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